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Grande Red (Dry)


Bigger than just grand…the Grande Red is in a word Grande! Satisfying to all our guests who want to drink quality dry wines but not so overpowering that you become lost on a desert of red sand. This wine is one of those treats that helps you to treasure the simple pleasures in life that fuel our soul and tickle our fancy.

Price: $15.50

Ohio Vidal Blanc (Semi-Dry)


Ohio Vidal Blanc if our Vidal could talk for itself it would say…”I’m a proud member of the dryness club but when you drink me I will first entreat you with my mellow sweetness just enough to surprise you then I’ll rush you headlong into the dry side of my personality for a true delight and resistance will be futile”  That’s quite a boast but our Vidal does not disappoint.

Price: $14.50

Passionate Peach (Fruit Sweet)


A nice light tasteful wine that brings back memories of sitting under a relative's peach tree when you were just a kid.

Price: $13.85

Pink Lady (Sweet)


One of our sweetest wines and 100% Catawba too. A favorite among our guests looking for a great palette pleaser.

Price: $14.75

Raspberry Razzmatazz


Coming to your palette in 2014. This fruit wine comes as a direct request from our guests who’ve tasted our Blackberry Butterfly wine and want to see what we can do with this delicious fruit. This wine also will be a blend of apple and raspberry juice. COMING SPRING 2014

Price: $13.50

Senorita (Off Dry)


True to her name Senorita hits all the right notes with her dryness readily apparent and unapologetic while giving guests just a hint of oak to be interesting but never…never overpowering.

Price: $14.99

Sincerity (Semi-Sweet)


Our newest sweet wine Sincerity and is coming in 2014. Made with Delaware grapes and a hint of fruit not available in any of our other varieties. This new wine is sure to please our guests who prefer nice and sweet.

Price: $13.99

Strawberry Fields | Sold Out


Strawberry Fields – A sweet and delicious blend of Strawberries and Apples into a wine that is both refreshing and delightful.

Price: $13.99

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