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Apple Delight (Fruit Sweet)


A pleasant crisp apple wine great for a spring or summer day.

Price: $9.99

Baby Blue


Baby BlueComing in June of 2107

This wine was given its name in a survey of winery guests. Baby Blue is a fruity blend of Blueberries and Apple with a hint of honey.

Price: $13.95

BlackBerry Butterfly (Fruit Sweet)


Our newest wine and the wine of the year in guest reviews and sales. The “Butterfly” is a unique mix of apple and blackberry wine with a unique taste that leaves you wanting more.

Price: $13.99

Cranrazzmatazz (Fruit Sweet)


A sweet and crisp blended delight of Cranberry, Raspberry and Apple. Can you use an existing opic with a purple border…we don’t have a bottle now.

Price: $13.75

Golden Apricot (Fruit Sweet)


A Fruit Blend of Apricot and Apple

Price: $13.75

Passionate Peach (Fruit Sweet)


A nice light tasteful wine that brings back memories of sitting under a relative's peach tree when you were just a kid.

Price: $13.85

Strawberry Fields | Sold Out


Strawberry Fields – A sweet and delicious blend of Strawberries and Apples into a wine that is both refreshing and delightful.

Price: $13.99
Out of Stock

Sweet Red (Sweet)


Sweet Red – Sweet and Tasty Concord

Price: $13.75


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