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Apple Delight (Fruit Sweet)


A pleasant crisp apple wine great for a spring or summer day.

Price: $9.99

Baby Blue


This wine was given its name in a survey of winery guests. Baby Blue is a fruity blend of Blueberries and Apple with a hint of honey.

Price: $13.95

BlackBerry Butterfly (Fruit Sweet)


Our newest wine and the wine of the year in guest reviews and sales. The “Butterfly” is a unique mix of apple and blackberry wine with a unique taste that leaves you wanting more.

Price: $13.99

Blueridge Blush



A blend of hybrid wines along with Syval and then we added a Cranberry twist just for fun.

List Price: $13.50
Price: $9.99

Blueridge Rouge (Semi-Sweet)


This is the least sweet of all our semi-sweet wines and it packs a real impression of robustness and “grapeyness” unlike any wine at the Yellow Butterfly Winery. Not only is the rouge a great tasting wine but for those guests thinking about dabbling with something drier the Rouge is a great bridge to the Drys.

Price: $14.35

Country Rose (Semi-Sweet)


The actual rose and our Country Rose are both works of beauty. We could have named this wine Silky because it’s very smooth and our guests find themselves wanting the taste from just one mouthful of this medium semi-sweet to stay in their mouths forever.

Price: $13.55

Cranrazzmatazz (Fruit Sweet)


A sweet and crisp blended delight of Cranberry, Raspberry and Apple. Can you use an existing opic with a purple border…we don’t have a bottle now.

Price: $13.75

Golden Apricot (Fruit Sweet)


A Fruit Blend of Apricot and Apple

Price: $13.75

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